Board Membership

Executive Officers

President:  Dylan Mullenix, AICP

Des Moines Area MPO, (515) 334-0075, e-mail


Vice President:  Madeline Sturms, AICP

City of Pleasant Hill, (515) 309-9464, e-mail


Secretary:  Tony Filippini, AICP

Ames Area MPO, (515) 239-5169, e-mail


Treasurer:  Zach Young, AICP

Des Moines Area MPO, (515) 334-0075, e-mail


Past President:  Benjamin Champ, AICP

City of Pleasant Hill, (515) 309-9461, e-mail

Board Members

Professional Development Officer: David R. Wilwerding, AICP

City of Johnson, (515) 727-7775, e-mail


Planning Commissioner Representative:  Dave Tallman

City of Davenport Planning Commission, (309) 764-7650, e-mail


Iowa State University Representative:  Francis Owusu

Iowa State University, (515) 294-7769, e-mail


University of Iowa Representative:  Charles Connerly

University of Iowa, (319) 335-0032, e-mail


Communications Program Area Co-chairs: 

Website Editor:  Seana E. Perkins, AICP

Polk County, (515) 286-3355, e-mail


Social Media:  Liesl Seabert, AICP

Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, (515) 242-6195, e-mail


Advocacy, Outreach & External Voice Program Area Co-chairs: 

Rose Brown, AICP

Bolton & Menk, Inc., (515) 259-9190 ext. 3405, e-mail


Melissa Edsill Tiedemann, AICP

Stanley Consultants, (319) 626-5307, e-mail


Networking, Leadership & Professional Development Program Area Chair: 

Christopher Shires, AICP

Confluence, (515) 288-4875, e-mail


Legislative Program Area Chair:  Steven Van Steenhuyse, AICP

City of Mason City, (641) 421-3626, e-mail


Awards Coordinator Co-chairs: 

Charlie Cowell

RDG Planning and Design, (515) 309-3265, e-mail


Emily Bothell

Metropolitan Planning Organization of Johnson County (319) 356-5250, e-mail


Chapter Development Program Area Co-chairs:

Christopher Janson, AICP

MSA Professional Services, Inc., (515) 249-1033, e-mail


Anne Russett, AICP

City of Iowa City, (319) 356-5251, e-mail


At-Large Representative:  Jim Holz, AICP

MSA Professional Services, (563) 584-2884, e-mail


At-Large Representative:  Brian Schoon, AICP

Iowa Northland Regional Council of Governments (INRCOG), (319) 235-0311, e-mail


At-Large Representative:  Amber Lynch, AICP

City of Des Moines, (515) 283-4223, e-mail


Iowa County Zoning Officials (COZO) Representative:  

Bret VandeLune

Polk County, (515) 286-2290, e-mail


Student Representative (Iowa State University):

Graduate - Amelia Schoeneman, e-mail

Undergraduate - Bridget Williams, e-mail


Student Representative (University of Iowa):

Graduate - Chanel Jelovchan, e-mail