Planner I

Job Title: Planner I

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA

$48,006.40 - $65,956.80 Annually

Provides professional services and assistance for a range of planning, redevelopment, economic development and related Department services and activities; performs related work as required.

This is an entry-level professional position; work assignments are introductory-level, supporting professional staff project teams and under direct supervision. Based on experience and knowledge, some leeway is granted for the exercise of independent judgment and initiative.

Position Schedule: Monday-Friday, 8:00a.m.-5:00p.m.


Examples of Essential Duties:

Long-range Planning:

·         Coordinates the development and implementation of long-range planning activities, including land use, historic preservation, transportation, social, economic, and environmental sustainability analysis and others;

·         Develops and maintains GIS-based projects for data analysis related to long-range planning, annexations, and infrastructure investment;

·         Researches best practices and innovative strategies related to long-range planning activities and other planning principles and projects and makes appropriate recommendations;

·         Prepares reports, open house display materials and documentation related to planning projects;

Land Development:

·         Provides information and responds to internal requests and questions from the public, developers, and others regarding City Comprehensive Plan policies, sub-area plan policies, historic preservation plan policies, the historic preservation ordinance, brownfields redevelopment, economic development, zoning, and general land use/development issues;

·         Analyses and prepares recommendations for ordinance and policy amendments for consideration including amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, zoning ordinance, historic preservation ordinance, and others;

·         Prepares reports and provides staff support for Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Visual Arts Commission and other City appointed Committees and Commissions;

·         Economic Development and Neighborhood Services:

·         Participates in the administration of the Neighborhood Services Program including coordinating neighborhood workshops, Neighborhood Association work plans and budgets, and other related activities;

·         Researches best practices and innovative strategies for increasing quality of life and social offerings for the purposes of workforce retention and attraction;

·         Assists in research, reports and documentation regarding City participation in proposed economic development projects;

·         Assists in evaluation and monitoring of public improvements related to economic development projects and urban renewal areas;

General Related Work:

·         Performs all work duties and activities in accordance with City policies, procedures and safety practices;

·         Attends work regularly at the designated place and time;

·         Supports continuous process improvement initiatives;

·         Performs related work as required.


Required Knowledge and Abilities:

·         Some knowledge of principles and practices for Community Development activities including planning, transportation, zoning, historic preservation, redevelopment, economic development and related ordinances, rules and regulations;

·         Some knowledge of principals of local and State laws and regulations pertaining to urban planning, zoning authorities, economic development and related operations;

·         Ability to prepare accurate and reliable reports including appropriate findings, conclusions and recommendations;

·         Ability to present technical information to the public in clear, concise and easily understandable manner;

·         Ability to research and analyze community development issues;

·         Ability to operate a personal computer using program applications appropriate to assigned duties and responsibilities;

·         Ability to work cooperatively and to maintain effective working relationships to accomplish job responsibilities;

·         Ability to quickly learn and put to use new skills and knowledge brought about by rapidly changing information and/or technology;

·         Ingenuity and inventiveness in the performance of assigned tasks.


Acceptable Experience and Training:

·         Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree in Urban Planning or a closely related field; and

·         Some professional experience with an urban planning agency or firm; or

·         Master's Degree in Urban Planning or a closely related field; and

·         Some professional or intern experience with an urban planning agency or firm; or

·         Any equivalent combination of experience and training which provides the knowledge and abilities necessary to perform the work.


Required Special Qualifications:

·         Valid Iowa Driver's License.


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