Redevelopment Director

Job Title: Redevelopment Director

Job Type: Full Time

Location: Council Bluffs, IA

Organization Background

The 712 Initiative is a 501(c)3 nonprofit aimed at improving the economic vitality in redevelopment areas through investments in built environment, activating public spaces and delivering programs that increase social engagement and healthy lifestyles.

As Council Bluff’s lead place-making agency, The 712 Initiative focuses on the community’s existing assets by amplifying the built environment while eliminating slum and blight in order to stimulate the local economy, activities, and wellness. Through effective partnerships and promotion of existing programs, the 712 develops innovative solutions to strengthen the city’s downtown and West Broadway areas thus improving housing conditions, encouraging healthier lifestyle choices and making Council Bluffs a destination among residents and visitors. 

In early 2016, the Pottawattamie County Development Corporation (est. 1997), a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, merged with Bluffs Downtown (Main Street Council Bluffs) and Live Well Council Bluffs to establish The 712 Initiative, an organization that would have greater impact on revitalization efforts undertaken in the City of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Working along with the Housing Trust Fund and Habitat for Humanity of Council Bluffs, The 712 Initiative is the lead agency in a consortium applying place based community development principals in Council Bluffs, Iowa, with a strategic focus on the Downtown District.  The organization is primarily funded through a special initiative through the Iowa West Foundation.

The 712 Initiative Redevelopment Director, with the direct oversight of the CEO will specifically work towards the following goals for the organization:

1.  Increase the variety of quality housing and commercial stock in Council Bluffs.

1.  Ensure there is a consistent amount of projects in the redevelopment pipeline.

2.  Increase the number of housing units in Downtown and the west end 1st Ave. corridor.

3.  Increase the tax base of key focus areas.

4.  Increase the number of businesses in key focus areas.

2.  Attraction of new professionals and residents in the community.

1.  Increase homeownership in low rent neighborhoods.

2.  Increase the number of people living downtown and along the west end 1st Ave. corridor.

3.  Increase the median income in key focus areas.

3.  Attraction of new property investment in the community, especially through the introduction of new developers.

1.  Leverage public and private financing so that developers can achieve a market rate of return on their investment.

2.  Promote and market potential redevelopment projects.

4.  Increase partnerships with the public and private sector while lessening the burdens of government.

1.  Leverage 712 organizational and financial assets for sustainable community programming.

Job Summary

To assist the Chief Executive Officer with the day-to-day operation and implementation of the programs and activities associated with the 712 Initiative. Primary emphasis will be on redevelopment activities as identified in the organization’s strategic and work plans, the City of Council Bluffs Comprehensive Plan, the City of Council Bluffs Downtown Plan the Iowa West Foundation’s strategic plan and as directed by the 712 Board of Directors. 

Applicant must have the willingness to work under the direct supervision of the CEO until such a time deemed appropriate. Creative control will be steadily given to the Redevelopment Director based on merit and performance. Responsibilities may include other duties as assigned from time to time.

Applicant is expected to participate in National Development Council trainings for general real estate and housing finance. 

City Plans:

712 Strategic Plan: (New website in progress. Will launch mid 2019)

Iowa West Foundation Strategic Plan:


The Redevelopment Director will report daily to the Chief Executive Officer and will submit monthly written reports to the 712 Board of Directors. The position also requires quarterly reports that be distributed to various partners including but not limited to, the Iowa West Foundation and the City of Council Bluffs. The piece will reinforce the redevelopment activities of the organization and its importance to the community.

Areas of Responsibility 

Works with The 712 Initiative CEO in coordinating redevelopment projects. Includes seeking and identifying community development related funding from federal, state and private sources; prepares and manages tax credit applications for mixed-use projects; prepares bid packages; manages construction projects and contracts; assists with property acquisition, financing and relocation; prepares requests for proposals and administers the proposal process; prepares reports, recommendations and memoranda. 

Manages multiple projects concurrently and in great detail.

Assist in the review of loan and grant requests for owner occupied and developer driven downtown redevelopment projects for the 712 Initiative’s gap financing program, the Downtown Revitalization Fund.

Assist in the development of a future housing program for the community. 

Prepares project financing applications for 712 led redevelopment projects. Knowledge of Low-Income Housing Tax Credits and Rehabilitation Tax Credits a plus.

Manages and markets real estate assets, oversees property management, coordinates the acquisitions and disposition of real estate, manages infrastructure financing and construction; assists in pro forma review, developer and contractor selection, contract preparations and management and real estate project oversight; assists the CEO and the City Community Development Director in creating and implementing specific development concepts in support of established community goals. 

Prepares a variety of narrative, statistical and financial reports, conducts specific studies, research and analysis; assists with planning, developing, implementing and administering redevelopment projects. Including revitalization of commercial and mixed use projects, elimination of blighted conditions, conservation and improvement of residential housing and housing opportunities.

Monitors existing projects for contract compliance. 

Assists in securing partnership input and approval including but not limited to: the general public, elected officials, 712 Board and Committee members and City staff.

Assists in the exploration, development and adoption of a local SSMID (BID) for ongoing sustainability of organization and projects.

The Redevelopment Director, at the direction of the Chief Executive Officer, will work with 712 event and neighborhood staff to incorporate place based strategies for proposed redevelopment and new construction projects.


- BA/BS Degree from an accredited college or university in urban planning, finance, construction or related field and at least five years of experience of increasingly responsible experience. AICP accreditation preferred but not required.

- Knowledge and experience in the principles and practices of redevelopment and economic development; real estate development, negotiations and finance.

- Knowledge of relevant federal, state and local laws regarding redevelopment, planning, economic development and the environment.

- Ability to work effectively and cooperatively with business and property owners, developers, City staff, City Council and others.

- Knowledge of and experience in business or non-profit management and of community/economic development.

- Strong analytical, organizational, financial, and motivational skills.

- Ability to exercise good judgement and exhibiting mature negotiation skills.

- Ability to prepare and present concise and effective written reports, interpret policy, and implement an annual workplan.

- Strong oral and written communication skills

- Valid Drivers license, and ability to insure.

- Ability to take initiative, work independently, and handle multiple tasks.

- Ability to appropriately handle confidential information.

- Ability to deal with problems and make sound decisions.

- Strong attention to detail and research abilities.

- Any of the following experience a plus:

- Project negotiation

- LIHTC, RTC application and management

- Developing and analysis of project proformas

- GIS proficient      


Strive to develop a better public understanding of the purpose and functions of the organization. Represent The 712 Initiative and the City of Council Bluffs in an ethical manner. Prefer candidate is a resident of Council Bluffs shortly after hire but exceptions will be made based on an individual’s circumstance.

Salary range: $60,000-$70,000 with benefits including 401k based on individual’s qualifications.

The 712 Initiative is an equal opportunity employer.

Forward cover letter, resume, transcripts, references and a salary history electronically to: 

Sheryl Garst, CEO

The 712 Initiative

1228 S. Main Street

Council Bluffs, Iowa 51503

[email protected]


Will consider applicants with general skill set and exposure to qualifications desired. Please include a narrative with relevant experience and/or exposure to this type of work in cover letter.

The position will remain open until filled.

Position Information